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Tragically, active shooter incidents are becoming more and more prevalent in America.

Forever Fearless® binders provide a last-resort layer of security in the event of an unsafe incident. Built with Kevlar® XP™ material, the binders contain same high-quality bullet-resistant material used by police and military.

About the Binder


Certain school policies don’t allow students to keep backpacks or other items on their person. The Forever Fearless® binder solves that issue, helping to keep your student safe.

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provides peace of mind

The risk of a school incident is real. Forever Fearless® binders provide an added level of safety to your student.

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Simple, functional design

The Forever Fearless® binder looks and feels just like any other binder out there – the only difference is that only the Forever Fearless binder has the added level of protection from the Kevlar® XP™ material.  

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