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Learn how the Forever Fearless™ bulletproof binder can help your children stay safe in school.

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About The Binder

Industry-Standard Material

The first of its kind, Forever Fearless™ binders use Kevlar® XP™ material, the same high-quality bullet-resistant material used by police and military.         



We’ve taken every step to ensure our binders are made efficiently with leading industry safety materials.

Always With Your Student

Certain school policies don’t allow students to keep backpacks or other items on their person, whereas the Forever Fearless™ binder can stay with your student to help keep them safe.

Provides Peace of Mind

The risk of a school incident is real. Forever Fearless™ binders provide an added level of safety to your student.

About school safety

While law enforcement will be on site as soon as possible in the event of an unsafe incident, the Forever Fearless™ binder can provide an extra layer of protection for your child.